B2 Basketball will be hosting its first Bounce BackHospital Initiative Tournament which could help us support the pediatric unit at local hospital/s. Also, we will be working with the Sunshine Kids organization to invite their kids to the tournament where they will also receive team jerseys and bags. It's our goal to have the names of the Sunshine Kids displayed on the shooting shirts of the participating athletes. We want the kids that are physically unable to play sports to feel like they are part of the team, our Honorary Teammates. 


B2 Basketball will donate the following:

  • Team Jerseys and Team Bags to the children that are inpatient at the hospital/s that we choose during the time of the tournament. 
  • Sunshine Kids to receive Team Jerseys and Bags.
  • Championship T-Shirts and trophies to be provided to winning teams (there will be 4 champions).
  • 10% of money earned during tournament to be donated to the Pediatric Unit/s.
  • Shooting shirts for all participating teams.